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Hi and welcome to the blog for Cathys Spelt for Health. We will be posting up recipes using the range of spelt premix products and more over the while. There are five versatile mixes in the range. Thank you for visiting and please do call again!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Rude HealthShow

We (myself and Cathy) were at the Rude Health Show in the RDS for the third  or maybe fourth year which is a bit scary!

As always it was a great show and great to meet customers, shops who stock us and distributors. The hit at the show were the flapjacks which were made with coconut oil and date syrup. We also made them with rice syrup which was great too they were more golden but harder. The date syrup gave the flapjacks a darker colour and they were softer to eat. The date syrup is more expensive however. All the breads were made with different milks, the wholemeal was made with coconut milk which was lovely and moist, the multiseed with soya milk, good but I think a little dry, the tomato and herb was made with oat milk and the scone mix was made with normal low fat milk. We got great feedback and lots of tips and suggestions which we will use in our future recipe development.

We were sharing a stand with Lizzie B who produces the loveliest handmade cosmetics free of parabens and other nasty stuff.

Lizzie B

Our other neighbor was Quality Sea Veg which have the most amazing array of sea weeds all handpicked and dried in Donegal. We will be adding Atlantic Spirulina which is a superfood to our bread for extra healthiness.
Quality Sea Veg


The York Test Laboratories were also there and we got our first step food intolerance test as both Cathy and myself and half the family suffer from allergies of one kind or another. Cathy suffered anaphalyxis a few years ago and they never found what she was allergic to they thought it was a build up of allergies. I have acne rosacea which flares up badly at times so we can wait to get the results. It was great chatting to the team and I found Dr Gill Harte's talk on Food Allergies and Intolerance very informative but I only caught part of it. Cant wait to get back the results!